Noah Scammon
(Cartoon Animator, Writer, Voice Actor and Film Cinematographer and Director)

Noah Scammon is a passionate person who got into the entertainment industry at quite an early age. He began his career doing small lighting and filming jobs for productions where he could and eventually branched out and became a person who adored the production process. Now he wears multiple hats, currently playing the role of production supervisor for both animation and Film at MonkeyBox. He also works as a cartoon animator, writer, voice actor and cinematographer, working for various studios such as NBC and CBS doing film and animation work. Most recently including games on Xbox360,steam and Iphone as Animation director for the Pax indie award winning game “Not without you” and voiced in the critically acclaimed game “Dust: an elysian tail”, and many more yet to be released! (More info to come soon!) A big Supporter of the online community, Noah collaborates with various youtube personalities, game developers and even good ol’ Newgrounds too.

He continues to create all the time, working and collaborating with new teams. Really striving to better his work everyday. Noah also continues and supports his own personal projects as well such as Signal Crash, making videos, cartoons and even the live show that airs every Friday at 10pm. The entertainment industry may be a challenge, but working with his Co-host and partner Bryan from Signal Crash? A whole other story.


Bryan Nieman

(Writer, Network Technician, Comic Collector)

Bryan Does not officially work in the entertainment industry but he is a walking endless pit of knowledge about it.  He began his intrist in everything pop culture from a young age with the help of his older brother and two older cousins.  Being the youngest in the family Bryan was exposed to all of the good movies, games, and shows that his older brother and cousins were watching/playing.  Bryan Has been playing video games from the NES days and has even experienced and played the fabled Sega Channel.  Along with playing tabletop and video games, Bryan is an avid comic book collector who attends NYCC every year.  In his professional life he works as a network technician working towards a CCNA.

Between work and Signal Crash, he is always infrount of a computer screen WHETHER HE LIKES IT OR NOT


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