In Case You Missed It

In case you missed it here are the topics we talked about on the stream Friday 7/26/2013 with some videos and pictures we referenced.

(NOTE: Signal Crash does not own any of the images or videos below)

Shin Megami Tensei IV (3DS)

Vin Diesel selfie at Marvel Studios (is he hinting Vision)

Scarlet Witch and Vistion

Guardians of the Galaxy props from SDCC

Guardian Props

Days of Future Past Sentinel Head


Superman/Batman logo

Lastly, Enjoy the trailer for Chivalry and tell me this game does not look like a ton of fun.


The World’s End

I absolutely can’t wait for this film. It has everything I’m looking for. If you like Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, Aliens, Sci-Fi, or any of the amazing actors in this movie, there is no reason you shouldn’t see this. Check out the trailer here.


Tweets From Last Week

Tweets From Last Week


Case of the Mondays #1

So it’s Monday, and after not recording for two weeks, because of Noah being in Cali and an additional weekend at PAX East, I decided it would be a good idea to make a post about whats new.  I normally come up with interesting topics right before I go to bed or when I’m getting ready in the morning.  The good topics I come up with I save for the recordings.  Trust me when I say there is more that goes through my head than what we record.  Most of the ideas are actually rants that wouldn’t start a conversation and we just don’t have time to talk about everything.  Because of this, I am planing on posting some of these thoughts here on Mondays or Tuesdays.  Now, knowing me, I will probably not have time to write or forget to write but I am going to try and post these rants. So lets get started.

(Note: This is one complete stream of thought.  It is only proof read to sound coherent.)

So, for those of you who don’t know I have a Windows phone.  More specifically I have the HTC Titan II.  I have had the phone for about a year now and I’m not entirely pleased with it.  My problems is not the hardware, in fact the hardware is what originally got me interested in the phone, it is the Windows mobile OS, and the app store.  Honestly I’m really just nit picking on this one, but my biggest problem with the phone is the way it shows videos.  The picture quality is great, My problem is that I can’t scrub through the videos.  For me this is a huge problem.  Now don’t get me wrong, you can fast forward through the videos but you have to keep tapping the fast forward button which advances the video a relative distance.  It’s extremely frustrating when you are watching a long video and have to stop in the middle and can’t easily get back to your spot.  Actually now that I think of it, i don’t think its the OS, I think it’s the browser.  I hate to stereotype but the default browser is Internet Explorer, and we all know IE is crap.  Why can’t Microsoft make a good browser.  That is the bigger problem.  They are on the tenth version of this browser and none of them have been good.  Granted there are problems with every browser like Firefox and Chrome, but IE is generally unusable.


I can live with not scrubbing through videos and the problems that comes with IE but my biggest problem is the app store.  The store works like every other app store, the thing that bothers me is that no one makes app for windows phones.  Now I can understand if an indy game doesn’t make it on the Windows app store, but there should be no excuse that a major app isn’t released  on the platform.  Granted I don’t code apps, and I will most likely never will, but I can’t imagine that it is terribly hard to adapt an app to Windows.  The amount of money you would have to spend to adapt an already successful app to this market would be dwarfed by the amount they would make by selling it.  Now this is just one example, but for me it’s a big one, but I am so disappointed that Marvel has no apps on the marketplace.  Now, when I had my iPhone, I was big into the Marvel comic reader.  I’m a big comic reader/collector, and I loved being able to take a collection of comics with me everywhere.  Little did I know that they didn’t have that app on Windows phones.  Another thing that Marvel does that bothered me is they now use AR in all of their books. for those that don’t know what AR is This is a quote straight off their website, “Download the free Marvel Augmented Reality App and bring the Marvel universe to life like never before! By scanning select Marvel products with your iOS or Android device, you can unlock exclusive content, such as video recaps, character bios, creator commentaries, and more!”  So now it’s like they are taunting me, I can’t bring my digital comics with me. and now I cant access all of the content in my hard copy of my comics.  Granted from what I understand the AR content is crap, but still I don’t have access to it.

So here we go, I have a solution.  Granted this will never happen, but I can dream.  I would love to see all of the major phone companies get together and create the best phone in the world.  I want something with the customization of an Android, the the word-processing apps of Window Phone Mobile, and the power o sell trendy like Apple.  I want technology like the video below.

To end this rant all I’m going to say is Windows Phones don’t suck.  Every phone has problems, for Apple its security, for Android it’s battery life.  No piece of technology is perfect, but it’s fun to sweat the small stuff.

Tweets From Last Week

Just in case, here are the best tweets from last week…See now you’re up to date with the SC twitter.

Live Stream 1/19/13: New Starting Pokemon, Django Unchained, and more

Hey guys we did a live stream last night on YouTube, check it out.  There will be more news on times and dates of the next streams soon.