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Here’s your news for the week of 5/9/2014

Unfortunately there is not going to be a live show tonight.  Fortunately we can still bring you your pop culture news of the week.  First up let’s talk about whats going on in the world of video games.  Just recently it was confirmed that Nintendo is going  release a remake of Pokemon sapphire and ruby for the 3DS.

alpha sappire

alpha sappire

omega ruby

omega ruby

Personally I’m not that excited for this game, I can’t speak for Noah but what I can say is that the game is going to be good. Note: the only reason I’m not excited for this game is because I’ve only played three Pokemon generations and this just happened to be on the generations I’ve beaten.  Personally I would have preferred a remake of Gold and Silver, but hey, another Pokemon game on the 3DS, you can’t really complain.

Next up in games is the newest trailer from Insomniac games.  The game had a CG trailer during E3 and this week they finally released a game play trailer.  Check it out below.

If you didn’t watch the video the game is called Sunset Overdrive.  I’m interested in this game but as of right now I’m not blown away.  I most likely will but this game because of two reasons.  One, the game looks like a good fun trip around a sandbox world and for some reason I really enjoy that, and two I already own an Xbox One.  Honestly if I didn’t already own the console I would be bummed that I didn’t get to try it but it wouldn’t sell me on buying a console.  Like most games coming out we here at Signal Crash can’t tell you to go out and buy it before we get some hands-on time with it.


Jumping into TV the news that most excited me was the new trailer for the FOX show Gotham.  Here is the trailer.

Now, I’m excited about this but I’m afraid for it.  I’m afraid that it is on FOX, and I’m afraid that they will over extend the show.  What I mean by that is I hope that the show, or at least the first season, is 90% about Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock and not about Batman’s rogue gallery.  I want it to be more like Arrow, a show about a main character and a nod to other major DC characters.  Arrow works because it does not over extend.  An example of this, is the episode that had a pre- Solomon Grundy villain where after the single episode you dont hear about him again.  An even quicker reference to characters in the DC universe is the clip below.

Now comic book fans will instantly know who that is, and whats awesome about that clip is that this is the only thing tyou see of that charactor in the show.  It is a small little clip put in for the die hard fans and nothing more.  I feel like Gotham is going to go way to far.  I say this because they show four villains in the trailer.  Personally I think that this is way to many for a season let alone a trailer.  I’m calling it now, this show is going to fail there is to much Bruce Wayne, and the final nail in the coffin will be the introduction of a Joker character in the first season.


Last thing I want to go over is, neither Noah or myself have seen the new Spiderman yet so as soon as one of us does we will give you more information on it.  Until then, keep checking the facebook for more information and contests, and We will see you next week with more fun and news.