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In Case You Missed It 3/11/2014

If you guys missed it here is the stream from last Friday:


The pictures from DrawnCon were posted today, go and check them out.  If you want to know more about us the “About” tab has been updated. Lastly, if you are interested in watching Bryan play some games he should be streaming Titanfall this week, check the Facebook and Twitter for stream times.  You can watch the stream here  twitch.tv/aggrocragg


Leaked Footage of Affleck Playing Batman

We have searched the Internet an have found some footage of Ben Affleck as Batman.  We think he will do an alright job as the caped crusader in the upcoming Superman movie, What do you think?

Live Stream 1/19/13: New Starting Pokemon, Django Unchained, and more

Hey guys we did a live stream last night on YouTube, check it out.  There will be more news on times and dates of the next streams soon.


CT Town Gathers and Destroys Violent Video Games


Hey everyone, give this recording a listen.  A Town in Connecticut is hosting a drive to collect and destroy “violent” video games.  If you guys want to be a part of the conversation we are going to be talking about it LIVE on Friday 1/11/2013 on out google+ hangout.  Leave comments on here, or on our YouTube channel.


Note: The video is just a sample of the recording, check back soon for the details for our podcast.